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Granada Gastronomy

a bowl of oranges on a table

Earth, cultivated land, valley and sea, all these elements have inspired Granada with regard to its varied gastronomy, passed down from the Moorish period. Many of the dishes are prepared everyday in suburbs like the Albaicín and Sacromonte with a special appeal to that culture.

The garlic soups and the San Antón stews have well earned fame as well as the casseroles made with dried broad beans, lard and black pudding from the mountains. The Sacromonte omelettes, made with vegetables and meat, are one of the most famous dishes in the city of Granada cuisine. The cold gazpacho soup, snails, or baby broad beans and serrano mountain ham are other suggestions that are served everyday in the restaurants in the city. The remojón salad from Granada gastronomy made with cod and oranges, poor man’s potatoes crowned with a fried egg and fried breadcrumbs mixed with pork products are other dishes not to be missed.

The Granada gastronomy varies considerably depending on the district. On the Costa Tropical, fish and exotic fruit are the main ingredients of most dishes. In the fish restaurants there is no shortage of grilled fish, rice and shllfish dishes, pickled blue fish, dried octopus or sardines grilled over open fires. In Motril it is traditional to eat ajo cabañil, a kid stew cookid very slowly in a special sauce. However if the Costa Tropical is famous for one thing it is the exotic fruit where mango, papaya, avocado pear or custard apples are something more than a dessert.

The emblematic pomegranate, a tree that is present in the Spanish Carmen villas and gardens, is another delicious fruit the province has to offer.


Source: Practical city guide / Granada – Andalucí