Alhambra: “Women in the Moorish and Renaissance Granada”

  • Alhambra: “Women in the Moorish and Renaissance Granada”

Description of the visit ”Women in the Moorish and Renaissance Granada”

The presence of women in the Christian or Islamic medieval and Renaissance world has been virtually ignored in our present History, often written by and for men. However, women occupied a very important place in medieval society and this specialized tour aims to provide a new view of the Alhambra and Granada through the places where their women used to live, as silent protagonists of most of the stories and legends through each of its corners. In this tour will be treated, from the most quotidian and trivial facts and places, typical of the medieval female world, to great women of State, including Queen Isabella I of Castile.

The woman in the medieval Islamic society were linked to their family circle, and they only went out home once a week, to go to the public baths, the mosque and, barely to the cemetery. Sometimes they attended family celebrations or traditional festivals of the community. Although the role of Andalusi women were also influenced by other cultures in their surroundings, nearby kingdoms and religions, who gave them a degree of independence and freedom higher than other women of the Islamic world.

On the other hand, women in medieval and Renaissance Christian society had a much more complex role, with more options to choose, beyond marriage, such as admission to a convent or monastic order. In addition, if the needs of the familiar wealth required it, women occupied more complex and important roles, and became a key part of many remarkable movements of that time.

From the Renaissance, the women began to be the owners of their destiny, creating models of modernity, as some certain intellectual and spiritual activity that, with many difficulties, discovered them the path of knowledge.

 Route of the visit ”Women in the Moorish and Renaissance Granada”

1. La Torre de las Infantas 7. El Harén
2. El Oratorio del Partal 8. El Peinador de la Reina
3. Las Casas del Partal 9. El Bañuelo
4. La Rauda 10. La Casa Morisca de la Calle Horno de Oro
5. El Palacio de Comares 11. La Iglesia del Salvador
6. El Palacio de los Leones 12. El convento de Santa Isabel la Real

Details of the visit ”Women in the Moorish and Renaissance Granada”

  • Included: Ticket for all the spaces of the route, some of them are closed to public and will be opened specially for this visit, and the company and guidance of our oficial guide.
  • Not included: transport and lunch.
  • Language: Spanish & English.
  • Meeting point: Granavision Welcome Visitor Centre From 8:45 to 9:15.
  • Duration: 4 hours, aprox. (from 9.30 to 14.00).
  • Date: Wednesdays at 9:30.
  • Limited. Groups up to 30 people.

NOTE: This type of visit focueses on specific aspects of the Alhambra. Therefore, the ticket does not give acess to the full area of the Nasrid Palaces, the Fortress or the Generalife Gardens, but, on the other hand, it includes some areas that usually are closed to the public visit inside the monumental complex and other selected places in Granada. 


Your booking will be confirmed automatically upon finalizing the purchase process through our encrypted payment system. You can easily pay with your credit card (VISA and MasterCard) or by bank transfer
You will receive an email with the confirmation of your payment and the voucher of the visit.
You must print this voucher and handle it to your guide before the beginning of your visit, and you will receive your ticket for the monument. This voucher is the proof of your purchase and no other proof will be accepted to make the guided tour.
If you want to modify or cancel your reservation, please, contact us through our Custom Service form.

Additional Information

Due to the duration and the lenght of the tour, we recommend the usage of comfortable shoes and the intake of enough water during the visit.
Sometimes, for indications of the Patronate of the Alhambra, the order of the visit could be modified, as well as some places cannot be visited, so in case this happens the agency will change the itinerary to another ordered by the Patronate, without reducing the duration of the tour.

We recommend you to be at the meeting point 10 minutes before the start of the tour.If you want to modify or cancel your reservation, please, contact us through our Custom Service form or phone us at  (+34) 682 086 011 or at (+34) 958 535 872.


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