Alhambra Guided Tour with Tickets

  • Alhambra Guided Tour with Tickets
  • Alhambra Guided Tour with Tickets
  • Alhambra Guided Tour with Tickets

Alhambra Guided Tour with Tickets

    • Visit the most important and visited islamic monument in the Iberian Peninsula with our Alhambra guided tour.
    • Declared a World Heritage Site since 1984.
    • Rich palace complex, peak of Nasrid art.
    • Get with us your Alhambra tickets, unbeatable prices!

Alhambra Guided Tour with Tickets description

“Rising up above the Red Hill, the royal city of the Alhambra stands proud and eternal, one of the most important architectural structures of the Middle Ages and the finest example of Islamic art left to us in the western world”.

A walk around the Alhambra, declared a World Heritage by UNESCO, is a required activity for every visitor of the city of Granada. Furthermore, it’s a work of art that calls out us, maybe by his attractive and elaborate rooms, by its monumental and historic position or by the special charm of its exquisitely detailed islamic art and architecture.

What Visitar Granada propose to you is to transform this visit in to an extraordinary experience rich of knowledge. With our guied tour with Alhambra tickets, you’ll have at your disposal one of our official tourist guides, expert interpreters of Granada’s heritage, who will guide you through every part that forms the “red fortress”, who will also answer any queries that you may have about this spectacular monument.

Alhambra’s Guided Tour itinerary

    • The Alcazaba fortress: the most antique area of the Alhambra’s complex. In the past it was a military precincts.
    • Nasrid Palaces: including many rooms, enhancing the Palace of Mexuar, Palace of Comares and Palace of Leones, considerate this one like the maximum exponent of Nasrid art.
    • The Generalife: sultan’s summer palace, situated at East of the Alhambra and surrounded by wide gardens filled with a great variety of vegetation, framed by a beautiful islamic landscape.

The visit order of the different areas will be determined by the hour of entrance for the Nasrid Palaces.

Alhambra Guided Tour details

      • Dates: everyday, except December 25th and January 6th.
      • Duration: 3 hours approximately.
      • Meeting point: the meeting point will be in our Welcome Visitor Centre (located just 100 meters from Alhambra Parking 1), between 9:40am and 9.50am.
      • End of the tour: you can come back to your hotel in our bus, if you wish.
      • Included: ticket for every area of the Alhambra opened to the public and an official tourist guide.

Booking and payment:

Your booking will be automatically confirmed after finishing the booking process via our secured booking system. You can comfortably pay with your credit card (VISA and MasterCard) or via banking transfer (IBAN/BIC). You will receive an e-mail with the confirmation and the voucher.

You’ll have to print this voucher and give it to your tourist guide before the beginning to receive your ticket. This voucher is your proof of payment and another kind of receipt won’t be accepted.

Your booking will automatically enter into our system, thus your confirmation is not required. However, in case you did not tell us about your hotel for the pick-up location we kindly ask you to do so the day before your starts between 11am and 1pm, calling at +34 682 086 011 o +34 958 535 872.


Due to the length of the walking tour we recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and drink a sufficient amount of water during the walk.

On certain occasions the Board of the Alhambra may alter the order of the visit and restrict access to certain areas, in which case the agency shall adapt the tour accordingly without reducing the visit time.

Occasionally, for practical reasons, the visit could take place in two languages simultaneously.

More information

Special prices for children younger than 12 years old and pensioners.

We recommend to be at the meeting point (hotel’s door) 10 minutes before tour’s departure. In case you would like to cancel or modify the booking please get in touch with us via the online form or calling at +34 682 086 011 o +34 958 535 872.

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