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Children Audio guided Tour in 3D with Augmented Reality

imagen audioguia infantil

“The Alhambra. The Red Castle”: Children’s Audio guided Tour in 3D with Augmented Reality

The 3D Audio guided Tour of the Alhambra for Children is the latest project that Granavisión has developed, it is a proof that the Tourist Group this time focused on Innovation, Culture and Education.

On Wednesday July 2 Granavisión Tourist Group presented at the Chamber of Commerce of Granada “The Alhambra. The Red Castle”, an audio guide that provides information about the history of one of the most visited monuments of the world in a interactively way, bringing original and didactic manner all the information about the Alhambra.

With this initiative, which has received financial support from the Government of Andalusia through the IDEA Agency, the project developed by Granavisión aims through games, 3D pictures and augmented reality to generate children’s interest in the history of the Alhambra. Augmented reality allows us to combine the real world with virtual elements in real time, and the games keep everyone’s interest through interactive and digital information.

Aesthetics menus design with simple lines, make this application very simple, with really interesting visual contents and very attractive not only for children but also for adults.

King Boabdil, Queen Morayma, military Yusuf and the King Carlos V are the four characters in 3D, characteristic of the time of the Moorish, the child will know them and he will be guided inside of the Alhambra’s Palace (Nasrid Palaces, Generalife Alcazaba and Palace of Carlos V) telling him experiences, stories and legends.

The characters and the attractive designs are created for children and adults, which will show the history of the Red Fort in an enjoyable and fun way. Furthermore, at the Visitor Welcome Centre Granavisión (visitor Care Center next to the Alhambra), the users can take photos with the various characters of the story.

The 3D Audio guided Tour of the Alhambra for Children will be available in English and Spanish, and any traveler will dispose of it through a mobile app for smartphones and tablets.

Our goal is to make the visit to the Alhambra a game where children can play while they are learning, using technology to learn histories, legends and culture about the Alhambra and having fun.

We will show you the presentation of this 3D audio guided tour that will delight children and not leave adults unenthusiastic.

And of course we will show you how much fun the kids will have with it, this Audio guided tour is a fun way to introduce to your children the story of this incredible and amazing monument: the Alhambra.