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Monopoly Granada Edition

chicos jugando al Monopoly

Who hasn’t played Monopoly?

This centennial  game arrives to Granada with all it’s strength!

Two basic and simbolic concepts are united in this game: Monopoly, one of the most sold games in the world and a reference for board games; and Granada, one of the main tourism destinies in Spain with the Alhambra, the most visited monument in Spain.

caja Monopoly

With this new product you can play with the fun that Monopoly has always featured, but enjoying Granada and the Alhambra’s charm box by box.

In the board we will be able to go through emblematic places of the city like Realejo, Sacromonte or the famous Albaicín. But we will also be able to go through representative and traditional establishments of the andalusian city, like Ysla or the famous Hammam arabian baths.

tablón Monopoly

The tipical Granada’s festivities also take part on the board represented by the “Semana Santa” or “Corpus Christi”.

We can’t forget the Red Castle, the Alhambra… Having the chance to buy the Court of the Lions is priceless!


joven enseñando billetes del Monopoly


Definitely… If you like the fun that traditional Monopoly features and you like admiring the beauty of Granada with all it’s charms… Monopoly Granada Edition is the board game for you!